What is the progress I need to rent a property?

To rent a property, ask for 3 months prior to the first rent payment.
That is:
1 month rent deposit issue.
1 month's rent payment of contract.
1 month of rent.

Which are the requeriments in order to rent in Merida?

To have an endorsement with funja property as Payer Solidarity
· If the guarantee foreign figure is replaced by a bond or in some cases is given the option to pay a security deposit for an amount greater than the established
· Pay an amount equal to month's rent by way of guarantee by unemployment and delivery of the property, the payment is reimbursable at the end of the contract, provided this is delivered under the good is received and no debts for the use of contracted services.
· Background workplace to ensure compliance with the payment of the rent contract
· Copy of an ID with photo.

What type of contract is used if you intend to rent a house?

· In the city of Merida is a recognized Contract Settlement Agreement of Unemployment and Delivery (not a private contract is an agreement registered)

What are the costs for hiring the rent?

· You must provide for payments equal to 3 months rent, if you have collateral or Payer Solidarity, which include the following:
1. Payment of legal fees and expenses for preparation and registration of the settlement of Unemployment and Delivery.
2. Escrow Payment for delivery and vacated.
3. Prepayment of the first month's rent of occupation.