Hotel hacienda Katanchel (For Sale)


Hacienda Katanchel preserves the splendor of Spanish colonial architecture and ambiance. Yet it is surround by thousands of acres of vibrant jungle, exotic wildlife, and the Maya archeological wonders of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Masterfully restored to its original magnificence, the hacienda’s 39 – suite property recently as a luxury hotel and multifaceted "nature resort".

The Hacienda dates back to the 17th century when it was built on the grounds of an ancient Maya settlement. It was one of many Spanish land-grant ranches in region, originally devoted to raising cattle introduced from Spain to the Americas. Subsequently, and of much greater importance, came the spectacular boom in the 19th century of the cultivation of henequen (sisal) which is now coming into ecological vogue. This agave sisalana cactus plant provided strong fiber used for manufacturing rope. The Yucatan flourished as the most important purveyor of henequen (then called oro verde or green gold), and these haciendas generated enjoyed immense wealth and opulence.
The regal architecture of the capital of Merida (just 25 kilometers west of Hacienda Katanchel0) testifies to this golden era that ended in the 1950s, when nylon and petroleum byproducts replaced henequen for producing rope

Pueblo Tixkokob, Tixkokob, Yucatán

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Key property HOVA1O-001
furnished SI
Land area 3000000 m2
Bedrooms 39
Bathrooms 39
Asphalt distance 1
Access type Otro_acceso
Principal house Si
Farm type Otro
Antiquity 3 Year(s)
Parking lots 6
Services and amenities
Phone line
Swimming pool
Air conditioning equipment
Room service
Built levels 1

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